Free Shopping Icons

At the moment there are 80 icons here.

These icons are free for personal and commercial use. Please credit where appropriate. License.

Smooth 3D Icons for Online Stores

This is a free icon pack of some amazing 3D style icons.


3D Thumbs Up
3D Star
3D Shopping Cart 2
3D Shopping Cart
3D Shopping Basket 2
3D Shopping Basket
3D Shopping Bag 2
3D Shopping Bag
3D Search
3D Pink Shopping Cart
3D Pink Shopping Bag
3D Newsletter
3D Heart
3D Filter
3D Box

Hand-Drawn Style Icons for Online Stores

This is a free icon pack of 65 icons in hand drawn style.


Wallet 2
User Profile Female
User Profile Male
Delivery Truck 2
Delivery Truck
Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up Female
Thrash Can 2
Thrash Can
Surf Shop 2
Surf Shop
Share 2
Secure Lock 2
Secure Lock
Search 2
Review Star 2
Review Star
Personal Shopping 2
Personal Shopping
Music Shop
Letter 2
Online Shopping 2
Online Shopping
Heart 2
Golf Shop 2
Golf Shop
Filter 2
Discount 2
Coffee Shop 2
Coffee Shop
Clothing Shop 2
Clothing Shop
Chat Bubbles 2
Chat Bubbles
Cash Register 2
Cash Register
Candy Shop 2
Candy Shop
Calendar 2
Box / Parcel 2
Box / Parcel
Bike Shop
Barber Shop 2
Barber Shop
Shopping List 2
Shopping List 1
Shopping Bag 4
Shopping Bag 3
Shopping Bag 2
Shopping Bag 1 (Pink)
Shopping Cart 4 (Pink)
Shopping Cart 3 (Pink)
Shopping Cart 2
Shopping Cart 1
Shopping Basket 1
Shopping Basket with Food 1